Riddimbase.org maintains an extensive database of dancehall riddims, who produced them, they label they came out on, what songs they became, who made those songs and what albums those songs ended up on. So I made a python app that pulls information from Riddimbase by riddim, producer, tune, artist and label, and nicely formats all that info using Pandas.


To install with pip, run

pip install PyRiddim.py

You can also clone the Git repository and run python setup.py install.


The PyRiddim() constructor takes q q_type and track as arguments, uses those arguments to search Riddimbase and stores the data as a Pandas dataframe.

  • q is the search query
  • q_type is what you are searching for (default is riddim, but can also be artist, tune, label, album or producer.)
  • track toggles print statements while running the query (if ur impatient)

track defaults to False.

To see the search results, use the .info method.


How many songs does Riddimbase have for the artist Gyptian?


gyptian = PyRiddim(q='Gyptian', q_type='artist')

to execute the search, then


to see the results.